Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Red Sox Beat Front-Running Tampas

The slab toed by the cancer kid on the day of his Missouri Monarch mastering was presented to young Lester tonight by head honcho Lucchino. It was a different babe, though, who would take the remodeled mountain for the Bostons at game time. "Bat" Masterson allowed his club's wood warriors to stay close to the Sunshine Foes of Florida. They proceeded to reward him with a four-point play in the sixth, qualifying the rook for his second W.

Amazing Manny returned to the Fens after wowing the home-away-from-home crowd in the Charm City with dong the five-hundredth on Saturday last. And gifts of noise were granted by the Bostonian "rooters." Our friends at the television network were quick to focus on the spectators rather than the spectatee, and would fail to show the Latin Lumber Lord's helmet-doff. A re-play of the occurrence had to suffice for domicile-peekers. Ramirez's one-bagger against Garza set up Lowell, who quadrupled the effort to the flintational delight of onlookers from bleacher to bench.

Right fieldsman Drew was a wonder to watch with the wood as well as the web, smacking a long-one and a half-blast, and tracking down a few deep hits with gazelle's grace.

Delcarmen, Lopez, Hansen, and Papelbon each put in single frameworks, each matching the goose egg of the other three archers. Though the Southerners went Deep on two occasions and matched the Carmines in the hit hall, the final run count was Bostons 7, Tampa Bays 4. The absence of the pickle-pawed "Papi" would not prove a hindrance to the BoSox against the league leaders.

In Fun City, it was the portly preemie, Chamberlain, making the transition from back to front for the Greater New Yorks against the Maple Leafs. A pinstriped pitch limit of six or so dozen was put in place by the brain trust, but the lad didn't even make it that far. By the third, he was but a Bronx Bummer of a memory, and by the end, Team Torontonian had proven too tough for the River Avenue Gang, who again find themselves battling to stay out of the basement, seven games behind the leading Tampas, and six and one half away from the rival Bostons.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I'm buying whatever you're selling. (I was going to write my post in the "old-timey" style but can't do it justice.) Well played!
Thanks, jcal76! (I might actually be selling something soon since the winner of the Manny contest hasn't stepped up to claim the prize! And by selling I mean giving away. We'll see.)

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