Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin Laden Dead? (Update: Yes.)

Is Osama dead or what? I just heard something about this. Go check for yourself, you've obviously got the Internet.

Update: OBL is D. Red Sox-wise, I saw the walk-off win today, will post pics later.

Update: So classic that a Fox station would do this.

Update: Trump wants to see the death certificate!

Update: Foam #1 fingers--appropriate for Bin Laden death celebrations? You decide....

Update: Okay, I'm goin' to bed. Look for my Fenway pics Monday.

Guess it's true, the U.S. has his body. Cra-zay.
So...I guess the US killed him, if that's true, I imagine the next step will be Republicans saying how shitty Obama is for killing bin Laden.
Okay, I've got it. They'll ask to see the death certificate!

Damn those Deathers!
Bin Laden dead. Sox alive.

All is right with the world.
I like how you said "no cheers" on your site--seeing a crowd with people literally holding up foam fingers is a little weird. It's not a frat party, ya know?
Jere, the US doesn't have his body. The deep blue of the sea does. Conspiracy? I hope to hell not.
Update: Trump wants to see the death certificate!


What's the deal with Jenks? I know it's early days, but 9.35 is a pretty shitty ERA. That "W" should have belonged to Wakefield... he could use a few.

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