Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Decade's Eve

I've never left the house on a New Decade's Eve.

1979/80: Was probably asleep at age four.

1989/90: I remember watching Nick at Nite by myself that night, thinking that some of my fourteen-year old friends are probably at parties which I'd be afraid to go to even if was invited. Then I listened to my walkman in bed after midnight, and heard that "Electric Boogie" song, as well as a really long Zeppelin song I'd never heard before. Oh and some caller to an FM station telling the DJ he was "a little tinny" on the high end or something. Weird, but weirder that I remember this stuff.

1999/2000: Again, stayed home (would finally move out of my parents' house a month later), and was taping live TV to catch a possible world-ending scenario, and just to have the turn of the millennium on tape. But wait...I also remember going to an Atari party and eating McDonald's for the last time at 6 PM on the way to the party. The last meat I'd ever eat. And that was 2000 because that's when I stopped eating meat, Jan 1, 2000. So could I have gone to the Atari party, but left before midnight to just sit at home? Hmm...maybe I taped the turn of the millennium at home, was at the party, then came home and watched it, why am I confused on this?

This year: Twilight Zone Marathon with Kim at home.

So that's your cousin!

Or maybe the turn of the millenium, was, y'know, 2001.
Right, right. Well, it's debatable, though I always go with 2001 as the official turn when talking about Yankee championships.

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