Sunday, June 28, 2009

Howie Do It

Great job by Mets announcer Howie Rose yesterday. I heard a little Mets-Yanks action on my drive from New Haven to Providence, and Howie made two comments in a row that are the types of things announcers are usually afraid to bring up:

1. "...and the message boards are now telling the fans to make noise, as if New York fans watching a Subway Series game need to be told when to cheer." It's about time this is brought up on a broadcast. And this was at his team's park, too. (Of course, as I'm always quick to point out, Yankee Stadium has been the epicenter of "scoreboards telling fans when to cheer" for decades. Fenway Park has never used this gimmick.)

2. "Tomorrow's game is the Sunday night game, the game no one wants to play." He then talked about how it's bad for the teams, travel-wise, and bad for the fans, who bought tickets to a Sunday afternoon game, only to have it changed.

Way to tell it like it is, Howie.

Red Sox-Braves, right now.

Howie Rose has been an outspoken critic of Sunday Night Baseball and its late starting times, and makes no secret of his displeasure when the Mets are involved in it. I like that guy a lot.

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