Saturday, September 23, 2006

Don't Wanna C It Go

Check out this article from the Globe. Some politician wants to take down the CITGO sign, because of CITGO's ties to Venezuela. You know, because their leader, "Hurricane" Hugo Chavez, called Bush the devil. The politician, Glad-hands McGee, said that because Chavez "hates America," we should replace the sign with an American flag.

Let's take a look at how much Chavez "hates America." At a church in Harlem, which is a neighborhood on the island where I live, Chavez

announced that Citgo, the US-based refining arm of Venezuela's state-run oil company, plans to more than double the amount of heating oil it is making available under the program for low-income families to 380 million liters this winter, up from 150 million liters. Chavez started the heating oil program last winter, accusing Bush of neglecting the poor. Citgo said its discounted heating oil will benefit some 1.2 million Americans in 17 US states this winter, including Indians in Alaska, some of whom were flown to New York and attended the ceremony in traditional dress. They performed a dance and offered Chavez a walrus figurine carved out of whale bone as a gift.

Danny Glover was at the church at the time. Are you gonna tell me that Lethal Weapon is un-American?

Sorry, but the sign stays. A Fenway, Boston, New England, and American tradition. The CITGO sign. You want to put an American flag over something, politician-man, put one over your eyes. You'd see about as well as you do now.

If we find out that Hitler called his Volkswagen the "green monster," would we take down the wall? Dismantle Fenway and just have a huge American flag on the ground, that we can all come and stare at while the rest of the world continues to hate us?

Chavez also said how fond he was of Noam Chomsky (who he thought was dead!), calling his book, Hegemony or Survival, a must-read for Americans. I agree. When I was working as a proofreader, I worked on this book before it came out. I can assure you, I broke the "not allowed to read" rule that day...

From the Taipei Times via the NYT. (When I read it, at the bottom it said, "this page has been viewed 666 times"!):

Chomsky said that he would not choose to use the same harsh oratory, but added that the Venezuelan leader was simply expressing the views of many in the world. And he said Chavez's anger was understandable.

"The Bush administration backed a coup to overthrow his government," he said. "Suppose Venezuela supported a military coup that overthrew the government of the United States? Would we think it was a joke?"

photo by Jere, 4/12/06

This Citgo thing is a JOKE, on par with freedom fries. That ungrateful bastard trying to take down the sign in his hissy fit should remember that when Boston was doing little to help it's low-income families, Chavez was sending oil to provide deep discounts to the steep heating costs of homes of families in need.
Thanks to Chavez, Noam Chomsky's book is currently sitting at NUMBER 1 on the Amazon bestseller list, in softcover. And is also ranked NUMBER 5, in hardcover.
What does that tell you when some guy says "George Bush is the devil, and read this book," and more people immediately buy that book than any other book?

I was gonna bring up "freedom fries"! Glad youdid. The irony in that of course was "Get these FRENCH fries off my MENU!"
That CITGO sign and I go way back. I'm not going anywhere, and neither is the sign. I hate to say it, but to most (or a whole lot) of the world, Bush IS the devil. He is far from loved in his own country. There is no justification for any more deaths in this needless war. Each one makes our president a murderer yet again. You hit one of my buttons Jere.
The CITGO / Bush is a devil thing is dumb.

What makes me mad is the "Manny quit on the team/Trade him" stuff going around on SoSH and WEEI. The front office quit by trading Wells for Kottaras - why is it a big deal that Manny has shut it down?
It's funny to me that Chomsky chides Chavez for his oratorical bluster - whatever - while he himself is so antagonistic to the audience most in need of pursuasion. Draws a lot of satifaction for the liberals / progressives, but does nothing to change the balance of powers. I have to say in spite of what I just said, I'm happy to see - as a demonstration of possibilities - that Chomsky is number one at Amazon.
Where did Chomsky chide Chavez? What I read was that he himself wouldn't have gone as far as to use "the Devil," but Chomsky said he was more than willing to meet Chavez..
Chavez was clearly grandstanding, but I never have any problem with anyone slamming Bush, the worst president of my lifetime, anytime or anyplace. And that councilman should be recalled for wasting taxpayer money with that nonsense; hating Bush is in no way the equivalent of hating the United States; in fact it's one of the more patriotic things you could do right now if you love this country. Besides, the city doesn't own the sign, so what right would they even have to remove it?
"Chide" was the word that came to mind to describe: Chomsky said that he would not choose to use the same harsh oratory, but added that the Venezuelan leader was simply expressing the views of many in the world. And he said Chavez's anger was understandable. To which I respond by saying, in perhaps an imperfect way, that they are both antagonistic to the detriment of their respective positions. Chomsky is a sleeping giant in this country and will remain relatively inconsequential because he cannot not develop a rapport, a diplomatic persona to pursuade the "others", the God and Country types who maintain a deep faith that who ever is steering this pyramid-scheme of a military industrial complex must know what they're doing. He (Chomsky) pokes fun at the mechanisms of this faith without regard to the fact that those who do not agree with him are almost religious in their contempt for him, whether they know his work or not. Pig fuckers like Rush Limbaugh who couldn't sharpen a Chomsky pencil have successfully obscurred his message and his stature. As soft-spoken as he is, he mocks and baits and talks as if everyone knows that the U.S. backed a coup attempt against Chavez - which is not true. Someone, if not Chomsky himself needs to present the architecture of this grand deceit in terms that make sense to the conservatives, does not offend before it pursuades. I'm already sold.

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