Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jet City Shortstop

It's true. Any hope of keeping Pokey on board is gone, as he has signed with Seattle. I had a feeling he was gone yesterday, when I got an email from The Souvenir Store, offering discounted merch. Along with a hundred different cheap Nomar T-shirts were a couple of Pokey ones. Now it's official. I'm sure he'll like it out there. Take the underground tour, Pokey. And I'd recommend getting a house in West Seattle. But don't go into the "UFO Museum" on Broadway, it's pretty much a scam, and the guy in there is sketchy.

From my friend Jen, in response to my Army Day query:

"Army day is the same as Flag Day now..it was the "birthday" of the Army. Then it was June 10th now it is the 14th."

She's also going crazy trying to figure out why 302 doesn't belong. So I'm finally going to tell her, and you. Okay, we know all three numbers are distances to the fences at Fenway. 302 doesn't belong because it's not painted on the fence. (Probably because you wouldn't be able to see it from home plate, since that part of the wall faces out toward center field.) So nobody got that one. Except for the person who said he didn't smoke weed, although I now realize they may have been being sarcastic.

Wait ... I'm confused. Did we want to keep Pokey?

Granted, I like the guy. He plays a fun brand of baseball that makes a nice diversion from the main theme of winning ballgames. To that end, I wouldn't have minded having him as a backup.

But he thinks he deserves a starting job--and the corresponding pay raise. And if that's what he thinks, we wish him on the best and send him on his way. I'd rather he be happy elsewhere than unhappy here.
I wasn't being sarcastic at all, from pop culture I've learned 4:20 is what they call international light-up time, that was all, trying to make a joke.


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