Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Check The Pass!

People everywhere from my frequent commenter Sam #1 to, I don't remember, East Coast Agony I think, are saying how defense isn't all that important for a first baseman. You may be comfortable saying that if you've had average or above average first basemen on your favorite team during your lifetime. But as someone who sat through the below average defense of Brian Daubach, Mike Stanley, Carlos Quintana, Dave Stapleton, Billy Jo Robidoux, Nick Esasky, Bill Buckner, Jose Offerman, and Mo Vaughn (bless his heart, as my mom would say) for most of his life, I have to say I was psyched to see an actual trained first baseman out there during the end of last season. Look, I was at the game where Andy Dominique played first last year and it wasn't pretty. I love Millar, and I'm glad he's staying, but what happened to that whole "defense wins (won) championships" thing? Again, I trust Theo, but I don't buy the thing about D not being that important for first basemen.

You know, maybe I'm just I'm just taking it personally because in minors (the name of the 9-year-olds division of Little League where I grew up) I made a spectacular catch of a line drive off the bat of Timmy Benson, then stepped on first to double off the runner, ENDING THE GAME, while playing first. I bet you no one else on that team makes that play. That's called awareness, my friend. Knowing the situation. And I never even went to

And don't tell me Doug M's QLK rating was 5.83 repeating, because I don't know what that means. What I do know is that the Red Sox had a first baseman who was digging throws out of the dirt! Scoop! What is that? Offerman sees that ball comin' in low and he pretty much hopes he gets a nice bounce off the fence behind him after he lets it go by.

And about this new guy, I guess we're all going with "The Blade" over my much more creative "Blades of Steel"?? Come on. BLADES OF STEEL. I didn't write that in caps to make it appear cooler, but so you'll say it in the official BLADES OF STEEL voice from the beginning of the video game.

I'm frustrated now. Bed time. Tomorrow I talk about euthanizing Don Zimmer.

Blades of Steel.

Did I say that about defense at 1B? I don't remember saying that. Anyway, if I did say that, I hereby retract it as being stupid, untrue, dishonest, false, ridiculous, and negligent.

It's not 5.83 repeating. It's 5.83 redundant. If you say 5.83 repeating, we're not talking about QLK ratings anymore, we're talking about Defensive Integrity Quotients, and that changes everything entirely.

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